Green Everitt Knuckle Fighting Knife with Scabbard As Found $600SOLD This is an attractive example of a rare fighting knife. The handle is very good.


Reviews (0) This is a VERY FINE condition example of the US World War II Everitt Knuckle Knife. No reference indicates that anyone knows who (or what) “Everitt” was, or who the company that produced the knives was. There is some speculation that the name “Everitt” may reference Everitt Washington, rather than being the name of a person or company. Other collectors and researchers suggest the knives were produced in with a nearly sterile appearance to make them usable in clandestine


Everitt knuckle knife

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This knife measures 11 7/16" overall. The double-edge trench blade itself measures 6 1/2". The blade is blackened. I was asked to make a video of my WWII Everitt knives.

18 Feb 2002 Everitt-Matthias often runs his fingers rather than a knife-point down the Lay the leg so that the knuckle bone is exposed and bone out the 

World War II US Issue Knives. USM3 Trench Knives. 22 Apr 2012 I believe most of us have an image of what a trench knife is, that being a stiletto type blade with a handle with finger grips.

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Everitt knuckle knife

Bygg själv knivset | Kom igång  617-601 Phone Numbers in Everett, Massachusetts · 613-485-3337. Javaon Mortensen Dixon Knuckles. 613-485-6158 Knife Fick gorge.

Everitt knuckle knife

This example is This is a rare Everitt trench knife features a black coated handle and blade. WWII vintage, this piece is in good condition with about 90% paint retention on handle. Blade has obviously seen use but in good condition for the age. Original sheath with all rivets and grommets in place. Snap portion of sheath has been torn off but is included. Everitt Green Knuckle Knife Unissued.
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Everitt knuckle knife

Like the knuckle duster, it is “sterile” and uses green paint for the handle.

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This is the green handle Everitt trench knuckle knife. This knife would make a rare addition to any collection. The handle has the 'EVERITT' mark. This knife measures 12" overall. The double-edge trench blade itself measures 7 1/16". The blade is blackened. The Everitt scabbard has the characteristic black rivets, throat staples, and the long


Hi Folks, I found an Everitt knuckle knife for a good price. These were made during WWII, but I know a Marine that carried one in Vietnam. He had his in an M8A1 scabbard. When I called that to his attention, he said he had never seen one in a leather scabbard before. This one is in pretty rough c

Definitely has seen its share of combat.

Everitt has further been tied to an even more reclusive single-knuckle loop triangular spike knife. Like the knuckle duster, it is “sterile” and uses green paint for the handle. A rare, original, Everitt knuckle style, fighting knife. It is believed these knives were used by US soldiers, during WW II, as a trench knife in the Pacific theater.